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Attempted mugging

And then it hits, an attempted psychological mugging after turning a corner.

Physical and environmental signals tell me I am vulnerable, like a high voltage hum in my internal wiring. An insane day, the type that is literally incomprehensible in its folly, circular activity, and random yanking back and forth. Exhaustion that doesn’t feel like a body that is tired, but rather, one that is heavy.

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The same song breathes again, in through the nose and out through the mouth with every bruise-raising kick on the bag.

Or, I oddly long to feel that, but not now. Lately, it’s the bag, the sweat, all new, somehow. Fresh, coming in from somewhere keen and blazing. An unshakable indifference to all familiar and stale stimuli whose edges have been blunted and sanded smooth, except the…

Whap, shuffle, whap, whap, umph.

My arms, my time, my life, more.