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Travelogue 5

I had intended that my last full day of the trip be local to Albuquerque. However, there I was, aching feet, had a whole day, unlimited miles on the rental car, and no set schedule.

I drove to the southeast corner of town to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History just as it opened. The rest of ABQ was driving to work. Dispite 15 minutes of chaos as the museum’s summer campers arrived, I nearly had the place to myself. One docent, a former Los Alamos scientist, offered interesting tidbits on the exhibits.

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Travelogue 4

This story continues from Travelogue #3.

After an exhausting hike through the Sandia foothills, I was back in the rental car. Now, this car was fantastic, not like the small SUV I drive. It had a ton of features I’ve come to enjoy, like a large GPS screen, backup camera, and Bluetooth, but also safety features like sonar that lit up indicator lights to indicate obstructions all around the car, and automatic speed matching to the car in front of me if in cruise control. Tons of room, sunroof, leather seats. It was a 2018 Nissan Maxima. I ended up putting over 1000 miles on it over the week, plus a coat of New Mexico dust. Being able to DJ my own road trip from my phone, even without cell signal, was a big plus.

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Travelogue 1

Just like my mind while travelling, this recording jumps from sight to insight, from notion to categorization. It is stream of experience, summarized.


A sprawling place, with stones instead of grass in many of the front yards, and larger than you’d think. Every structure is earth-toned stucco, or conversely, covered in colors not naturally found on earth. The town is surrounded by desert, even where it bumps up against the mountains. Cacti and jackrabbits the size of small dogs are ubiquitous at 6000 feet, but another 3k above, in the cloud enveloped ridge to the east, it’s almost cold enough to snow in June. Colorful tanagers make the scene.

No matter where you are in town, there is a dog barking, nearby or in the distance.

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Negative thought, welcome and goodbye. Mindful. Deliberate. Authentic.

Thank you Marcus and Zeno, although I have been hardly ideal or exhibited temperance in my appetite for consuming philosophy the past month,

Laozi, Sartre, Hume, Plotinus, Siddhartha… all the A-list thinkers.

Today, I favor the stoics in practice, the existentialists in foundation. I have only viewed the highlight reels, read the cliff notes.

Mindfulness seems to spring naturally from the wells of insight and inconsistency. Timeless and dated simultaneously.

Mental Album

70 days of snapshots, most have begun to fade

hot tea and tacos as a nightcap for a walk

my hands in her back pockets, missing two cycles of the crosswalk kissing on the first date

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