Explore the Tempest Status Page

This page contains updates and news related to the blog site.

The Burning Suit blog and This Place Here blog are no longer being updated with new content, but may occasionally host old content. It was originally useful to separate blogs by type of materials posted, but I have found it cumbersome to caregorize the content in that manner. While personal poetry and observations will always remain part of the blogs, I expect that the newer posts will contain more content of general appeal.

The following sites will be temporarily down
As Medusa Sleeps, The Burning Suit, and This place here.
EtT blog.

Explore the Tempest blog is now four blogs, consisting of four sites. The original site, As Medusa Sleeps, The Burning Suit, and This place here. Although the four sites have different themes, there will initially be cross-posted items. See the About page for links.

Additionally, the blogs chalkboard format (post for a few days then erase) will no longer be used. This is in general, as posts will occasionally be taken down.

EtT blog.


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